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October 16, 2017
"Overdose on Life"
Pastor J.R. Damiani

Many people today are singing the blues. They walk around with heavy burdens. They are easily overtaken by the cares of this life. They have lost the fizz. Their zest is gone. Their tank is empty.
There is no way to avoid the blues. There is no way to avoid the valleys. We all experience valley times, but we don't have to stay there. We can go to the valley and then through the valley. King David must have experienced valleys. That's why he could write "in the valley He restoreth my soul." We will have valleys, but today I want to help you to get through the valley. To be restored – that's the secret.
Elijah felt that he was the only godly man in his town. He prayed that God would kill him. Charles Wesley is credited, with John, for saving England through the great revival that began under his ministry. A great man, a leader after His conversion, he wrote "O for a thousand tongues to sing my great redeemer's praise!" Less than a year later he wrote these words, "O where is the blessedness I knew when I first met the Master?"
Each of us goes through the descent. We go from above the clouds to below the clouds. No one wants to descend. Peter, on transfiguration, didn't want to go back down. There are too many needs down there, too many people with the blues, and too many people running on empty. Listen, Jesus never said that He would deliver us from trials. He said that He would deliver us in the trial. He didn't come to deliver us from dying, but to make us victor over death! He took the stinger out of death. Great men have had valleys and low points - things that Satan will continue to throw up to you to condemn you. We all feel it – lonely and insecure, insignificant, and if we concentrate on our surroundings we can't help but sing the blues. Jesus promised to help us in those times. I'll give you abundance - an overdose of life so that you won't be overcome by our problems or your difficulties. You'll only see them as stepping stones. We all face hard times – unpaid bills, house needs paint, school clothes, doctor bills, mortgages, and we want a way out. Listen, a shopping spree won't solve it. More education wont' solve it. A walk in the park won't bring you out. But there is a way out a way through the valley. You need to overdose on life.
Look for people to love. Be kind, because every person you meet is fighting a battle. Make it right with everyone. Many diseases are caused by bitterness – don't let that root start. Live and enjoy one day at a time. Live for today. Jesus taught that principle. We spend our life wanting tomorrow to come and when it comes we want back the days we prayed for to go away. Make everyday a masterpiece – overdose on life, abundant life today!
At the Meramec Caverns, cave guides always turn the light off for 30 seconds. A little girl cried out "daddy, I'm afraid!" Dad said "Honey, don't be afraid. There's someone here who knows how to turn the lights on." If you're going through a valley, Jesus can turn the lights back on. He's only a prayer away.
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