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April 23, 2018
"The Difference Between Right and Wrong"
Pastor J.R. Damiani

It's so obvious to the casual observer that sin is out of control on this planet. It's nothing new. In Genesis 4:7 Moses recorded a conversation between God and Cain. "Sin lies at the door and sin's desire is for you, but you should rule over it!" Sin is always there. You cannot deny it. Deception and fraud in the work place faces some of you regularly. If sin was not a reality then why do you need an attorney to read a contract before you sign it? Even referees and umpires know the difference between right and wrong. If you'll allow me to be basic and elementary today, I want to show you five facts about sin:
Sin Grows: A child's sin seems so small, but it doesn't remain small. All too soon sin begins to bring bondage. The habit becomes fixed in the body and the brain. Sin begins to dictate and direct actions and reactions.
Sin Deceives: It entices and lures. It says "come and sample my delights". Sin promises light and fun fellowship and freedom from rules. It gives darkness, and sorrow, loneliness and bondage. Sin kisses with the kiss of death.
Sin leads to moral insanity: You begin to call wrong right and right wrong. It's like the difference between night and day. Your perception is totally distorted. You don't think right. How can a person who knows the lethal danger of STD's today continue a promiscuous and perverted lifestyle? Because sin makes you morally insane.
Sin Kills: One hole will sink a ship if not repaired. One lie will cause you to be a liar. One drop of poison will cause death.
Sin Marks and Disfigures: It pollutes the mind, the body and the soul! Only sin has this power. Poverty cannot harm the soul. Tragedy cannot harm the soul. Hard times cannot harm the soul. As a matter of fact, these things can beautify the soul. They have a way of building character. Sin cannot build character.
Sin scars and disfigures the real you. It makes you ugly inside. There are no beautiful perverts, or murderers or thieves. You won't find a statue of Ted Bundy gracing our parks. Anger and rage, and uncontrolled tongues damage your life. Sin leaves you unclean. You wallow in the mire. You thrive on pollution.
Ask the alcoholic or the slave to pornography, or the drug addict. Ask them if they feel clean. They know what it feels like to be in torment.
So, what can wash away my sin? Maybe tears will do it! Not hardly! Being sorry brings tears. Being sorry is never enough. Tears will not erase one single sin. What about baptism, Pastor? Surely that counts for something. I wish baptism could wash away sin. There's no cleansing for sin in water. You are just as well off with a vacuum cleaner. Water cleanses the body, but it cannot cleanse the soul. You cannot add anything to the price paid at Calvary.
The good news is this: there's not a spot on my soul that He cannot cleanse and permanently remove. God's total answer to the sin problem is Calvary. His Blood cleanses because He is God's son! My debt was paid by His sacrifice.
"Walk in the Light" – come out into the open before God. He will receive you NOW.
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