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FWC Royal Rangers:
2017 Pow Wow & Ranger Kids Field Day
This year's Ranger Pow Wow is quickly approaching. Below are the details for the event:

Theme: Space Exploration

Dates and Times: We will be leaving the Church parking lot on Friday, June 2nd. We will be meeting at 5:00 PM and leaving at 5:15. We will be returning on Sunday, June 3rd around 12:30 (when the second service is concluding)

Cost: $25.00 per person (this includes adults and children)

Location: Near Green Lane off Upper Ridge Road (the camp site is only about 10-12 miles from church)

Food: All boys should arrive on Friday night having eaten dinner. They are permitted to eat snacks in the van however we request no messy foods (sandwich, chips, ext. ). We will provide meals for the boys all day Saturday and Sunday morning. The boys are permitted to bring snacks to share; the boys like to have a variety of snacks for the weekend. (Please do not bring any soda cans, glass bottle beverages or juice boxes. These cause a big mess in the vans and we need to keep the vans clean if we wish to continue to use them for our events).

Lodging: The boys will be roughing it this year and sleeping in tents. We do not have tents for the boys to use so please advise if your child has a tent that he will be bringing. We will do our best to pair the boys who do not have tents with those who do.

What to bring: Below is the list of items your child should bring with them. Please remember to label ALL items that you send with your child.
• Tent
• Sleeping bag
• Pillow
• Flashlight
• Clothes
⇒ Pajamas
⇒ Change of clothes for Saturday and Sunday
⇒ Extra set of clothes in case of an emergency
⇒ Sweatshirt
⇒ Poncho (in case of rain)
• Toothbrush/Toothpaste
• Washcloth and Towel
• Water bottle
• Sunscreen
• Insect Repellent
• Bible
• Ranger Handbook
• Chair for campfire (optional)
• Money for snack stand (optional)
• Sunglass/hat (optional)
• Camera (optional)

What NOT to bring:
• Electronic devices (including phones, iPods, iPads, hand held gaming systems, etc) (In the past several boys have not followed this rule; we ask all parents to make sure that your children do NOT bring these items in fairness to all the boys).
• Fishing equipment (We will not be close to a water source this year where the boys can fish so leave your fishing rods at home).
• Royal Ranger Vest (Please leave these at home so they do not get muddy and ruined. The boys can wear their Royal Ranger shirts/hats)
• Glass (we ask no glass bottles of any kind be brought)

Age Requirement: All Discovery, Adventure and Expedition Rangers are welcome to join us without a parent or guardian. Ranger Kids are permitted to join for the day on Saturday; if they are accompanied by a parent or guardian they are permitted to camp overnight. The guardian is required to share a tent with their Ranger Kid(s). Parents without clearances may not share a tent with any child that is not within his charge.

Adult Requirements: It is recommended that all parents or guardians joining us have their Pennsylvania clearances. If clearances are not provided the guardian will not be permitted to assist in any way the events of the weekend; they will only be permitted to assist their child(ren).

• Friday Night
⇒ 5:00-9:00 pm- Setting up camp and getting settled in
⇒ 9:00 pm - Star ID Class
⇒ 10:00 pm - Devotion
⇒ 11:00-11:30pm - Lights out
• Saturday
⇒ 7:00 am - Breakfast and get ready for the day
⇒ 8:30 am - Flag raising
⇒ 9:00 am -12:00 pm -Morning events (45 minutes each)
⇒ 12:00 - 1:00 pm- Lunch
⇒ 1:00 - 4:30 pm - Afternoon events (45 minutes each)
⇒ 5:00 pm - Dinner
⇒ 6:30 -7:30pm - Free Time
⇒ 8:00 pm - Camp fire
⇒ 10:00 pm - Snack
⇒ 11:00 pm - lights out
• Sunday
⇒ 8:00 am - Flag raising and devotion
⇒ 9:30 am- Rearing down the camp
⇒ 12:00 pm - Heading Home
• Events
⇒ Launching Rockets
⇒ Asteroids Race
⇒ Soil Testing
⇒ Drone flying
⇒ Star ID

Requirements: All adults and children attending MUST complete the release form prior.

We are looking forward to a fun filled weekend with the boys. If you have any additional questions about the weekend, please let me know. Kindest regards,

Brenda L. Ey
Royal Rangers Correspondence Administrator

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